Tools for GC

gas flow meter

Tools for GC

ferrule removal tool

ferrule removal tool
Remove the ferrule out of the nut in an easy way.

Part Number: 3001-12745   ferrule removal tool
Shortix® Capillary GC Column Cutter

- Clean, square cuts with a diamond blade.
- Built-in magnifier to verify square cut.
- Use with 0.25mm ID to 0.53mm ID tubing (0.78mm OD maximum).

column cutter

Part number: A200040 Shortix Column Cutter          brochure
ceramic column cutter
Ceramic Capillary GC Column Cutter

Part number: 1010-41136

ferrule tool Each kit has two tools; one for removing 0.4mm adaptor ferrules and one for 0.8mm

Part number: 3001-12740   Ferrule Removal kit

ferrule drill set Ferrule drill set including drills

Part number: 3001-24625 pin vice drill set

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