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SYPRON AX 2 / cation exchange column

In order to elute components that are generally held strongly in ion exchange mode, use eluents with high salt concentration. However, in addition to the fact that high concentrations of salt suppress ionization and cause a decrease in sensitivity, there is concern that the burden on the mass spectrometer is large. The SYPRON AX series is optimized for its retention capacity and can be used for analysis using low salt concentration eluents. Therefore, stable analysis is possible in mass spectrometers. SYPRON AX-1 is for isocratic analysis, SYPRON AX-2 is recommended for salt concentration gradient analysis.

SYPRON AX-2 column provides good performance on salt gradient analysis using anion exchange mode with mass chromatography. SYPRON AX-2, is suitable column for organic acid analysis and is able to use with rapid column equilibration time in salt gradient method. As SYPRON AX-2 is an ion exchange column, dicarboxylic acid generally shows weakly retention under reversed phase mode or ion exclusion chromatography, but it can be enhanced strongly using SYPRON AX-2 column.

Analysis example of organic acid

Analysis example of organic acid

SYPRON AX-2 Analytical Columns
Description Particle Size I.D. Length Cat.No.
SYPRON AX-2 PEEK 5µm 2.1 mm 100 mm 5020-11006
SYPRON AX-2 PEEK 5µm 2.1 mm 150 mm 5020-11007

Base Material Counter Ion Function Group Max. Pressure pH
5 µm Methacrylate Polymer CI- Quaternary Ammonium 120 Bar 2 - 12
Recommended Application : Gradient Analysis