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olfactory port


Olfactory Voicegram Software for the PHASER

olfactory software Standard with all PHASERS a calculation program (splitManager) is supplied to make the correct capillary tubing´s in order to have a good split ratio between the nose and detector.
The Olfactory Voicegram is an option and is not supplied with all units.

Olfactory Voicegram features:

voicegram l aroma palette
Aroma Palette

Analogue signals can be used direct and can be displayed live during the GC run. Data from a mass spectrometer can be imported after the GCMS analysis.

GC-O software with touchscreen The Aroma Palette with a touchscreen for easy operation.
The Palette can be configured to your own style.

Latest software version=2.3.0 if you like to get this version, please contact us.

Part number: G300023, GC Sniffing Port (100 cm transfer line) with voice recognition and recording software.
Part number: G300017, Voice Recognition Software for PHASER

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