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Silfilter C18 Guard Columns

SILFILTER STD C18 is a guard column with cartridge size 3.0 mm I.D. x 10 mm. The cartridge is packed with a monolithic silica, chemically bonded with a C18 and uniquely end-capped based on our 45 years of experience. SILFILTER STD C18 can be installed and used for all C18 columns available in the market without interfering and influencing the elution or separation patterns. Also, deterioration of the packing in the cartridge can be confirmed visually.

silfilter c18 guard column Feature Specifications
- Base Material: High Purity Monolithic Silica - End-capping : Yes
- Max.Operating Pressure: 35 MPa (350 Bar) - pH Range : 1~7.5
- Bonded Phase: Octadecyl Groups - Max.Temperature : 50 °C
- Size: 10 x 3.0 mm I.D. - Compatible analytical Columns’ ID : 3.0~4.6 mm I.D.
peek tough connector
Item Cat. No.
SILFILTER STD C18, Set A*1 2 Cartridges with 1 Holder and Tubes 5020-10404
SILFILTER STD C18, Set B*2 2 Cartridges with 1 Holder, without Tubes 5020-10405
SILFILTER(with Tubes) Holder for A type*1 5020-10402
SILFILTER(without Tubes) Holder for B type*2 5020-10403
Replaceable Cartridge, 2 ea 5020-10401
PEEK Tough Connector, 5 pcs 6010-48600
*1: Tube size is, 1/16 inch O.D. x 0.18 mm I.D. x 30 mmL
*2: Tubing tip length is 2.4 mm

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