Sampling Bags

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Sampling Bags from GL Sciences

sample bags Sampling bags are easiest to use for gas sampling at the measurements of the atmosphere, exhaust gas, and the working environment, etc. It is an excellent method because it does not require any extraction with the solvent, or any sample preparation such as desorption by heating when sample injection into the gas chromatograph. However, adsorption and penetration of a target compound are caused by compound in the sample gas or material of the sampling bag, and there is a possibility that the composition of the sample gas may change. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the material of the sampling bag is suitable for such a sample.

The bags are available in different sizes and materials like:

Tedlar® (polyvinylidene fluoride film)
Aluminized Polyethylene Bag (laminated film)
Fluororesin Bag (tetrafluoroethylene copolymer film)
Polyester Bag (polyester film)
Smart Bag PA (vinyl alcohol polymer film)
Smart Bag 2F (polyvinylidene fluoride film)

Please check the brochure to understand what material to use with your application.

sample bags for GC