MonoTrap, Monolithic Material Sorptive Extraction (MMSE)

MonoTrap is a new material for easy trapping of compounds and extracting by solvent or temperature. The big surface and strong chemical adsorption with Graphite Carbon, ODS or PDMS makes it a very easy and cheap consumable.

  • Highly Efficient Adsorption
    MonoTrap’s high surface area offers greater sample loading capacity, ensuring a higher concentration of adsorbed compounds
  • Complete Desorption with low Solvent Volume
    It only takes a small amount of solvent, 200 µL, to completely saturate the monolithic network and achieve desorption, though more solvent can be used to control the final concentration of your sample.
  • Hydrophobic Surface
    using hydrophobic ODS groups, MonoTrap will not adsorb water from aqueous samples. No need to worry about injecting water onto your GC or GC/MS when using MonoTrap as with liquid-liquid extraction or other sorptive media. This also allows for the addition of ionic salts to improve sample adsorption with MonoTrap.
  • Multiple Injections & Analyses
    Because compounds adsorbed to MonoTrap can be extracted using 200 µL (or more) of organic solvent, it is no problem to perform multiple injections of your sample. With MonoTrap, it is even possible to make injections on different GC systems utilizing different column phases! Solvent extraction can even be accomplished within a GC autosampler vial using the rod shaped MonoTrap.
  • Ideal for off line sampling
    MonoTrap comes ready to use straight from the package. Also the sampling traps are not expensive and can be used as disposable, this combination makes MonoTrap ideal for off line sampling.
Off line sampling examples.

Type Description   Shape Qty Cat.No.
Solvent Extraction MonoTrap DCC18 ODS,Activated Carbon Disk 50 ea 1050-72101
MonoTrap RCC18 Rod 50 ea 1050-72201
MonoTrap DSC18 ODS Disk 50 ea 1050-71101
MonoTrap RSC18 Rod 50 ea 1050-71201
Thermal Desorption MonoTrap RGC18TD ODS,Graphite Carbon Rod 30 ea 1050-74201
MonoTrap RSC18TD ODS Rod 30 ea 1050-73201
MonoTrap RGPS TD Graphite Carbon, PDMS Rod 30 ea 1050-74202

Description Cat.No.
Monotrap sampling mouth piece (5pcs) S200158

MonoTrap Solvent Extraction
Lily Fragrance by Passive Sampling
Gardeniae Fructus by Passive Sampling
Deterioration of Cherry Blossoms Fragrance       
HS Enrichment of Mango Juice
Potato Distilled Spirit
Red Wine Fragrance by HS
Candy Fragrance by HS
Curry Powder Fragrance with & GC/O
Orange Osmanthus
Tea Fragrance Compounds
Body Soap Fragrance
Coffee Fragrance Compounds
Aging Body Odor
Bread Fragrance Compounds
Comparison of Mushroom Fragrance
Organic Solvent in Atmosphere
Fatty Acids in Atmosphere
Lavender Fragrance by Passive Sampling       
Magnolia Fragrance Compounds
Hyacinth Fragrance Compounds
Camellia Fragrance Compounds
Soy Sauce Fragrance Compounds
Beer Aroma Compounds
Apple Fragrance Compounds
Japanese Rice Wine (Sake) Compounds
Sesame Oil Fragrance Compounds
VOC in a New Car
VOC from Papers Before & After Printing
Garlic Aroma Compounds
Gasoline in Burnt Materials
MonoTrap Thermal Desorption
Cheese Aroma Compounds
Clothing (aging odor)
Shaoxing rice wine Aroma Compounds
Analysis of Fresh and Spoiled Cabbage
Roasted Seaweed Aroma Compounds
Analysis of Cigarettes
Maple Syrup
PAHs in River Water
Flavor in Citrus Products


MonoTrap publications