QuEChERS and OPTIC Inlet

QuEChERS stands for Quick Easy Cheap Effective Rugged Safe and is the acronym for a highly beneficial analytical approach that vastly simplifies the analysis of multiple pesticide residues in fruit, vegetables, cereals and processed products thereof.

In order to reach a high sensitivity for routine work in full scan mode, firstly, the GC-MS system should be a high sensitivity instrument and secondly, a large volume injection further improves the limit of quantification.
The OPTIC inlet is the best choice for the LVI introduction after QuEChERS clean-up.

QuEChERS work with OPTIC:
Rapid Large Volume Injection/GC-MS Analysis of Pesticides in Food Prepared by the QuEChERS Method

Comparison of QuEChERS sample preparation methods for the analysis of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables

High throughput analysis of 150 pesticides in fruits and vegetables using QuEChERS and low-pressure gas chromatography-time-of-fight mass spectrometry

Rapid analysis of multiple pesticide residues in fruit-based baby food using programmed temperature vaporiser injection-low-pressure gas chromatography-high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Use of automated direct sample introduction with analyte protectants in the GC-MS analysis of pesticide residues

Evaluation of the QuEChERS sample preparation approach for the analysis of pesticide residues in olives
cleanup by UCT

Pesticide Multiresidue Analysis in Cereal Grains Using Modified QuEChERS Method Combined with Automated Direct Sample Introduction GC-TOFMS and UPLC-MS/MS Techniques
cleanup by UCT

Extension of the QuEChERS Method for Pesticide Residues in Cereals to Flaxseeds, Peanuts, and Doughs
Kits for Sample Preparation of QuEChERS.