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Proteins and Peptides

monotip trypsin    MonoTip Trypsin
MonoTip Trypsin is a sample preparation tip packed with silica monolith bonded with Trypsin, the protein digestive enzyme. With MonoTip Trypsin, it takes only 20 minutes to digent protein.
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monotip c18 MonoTip C18
MonoTip C18 pipette tip contains silica monolith bonded with C18 (Octadecyl groups). Silica monolith has continuous through-pore structure. As C18 is bonded, MonoTip C18 can desalt and concentrate proteins and peptides in reversed phase mode by easy pipetting.
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desalting tip   GL-Tip SDB and GL-Tip GC
Phosphopeptides Isolated by TiO2;-based material should be desalted prior to LC/MS analysis, usually by using a C18 (hydrophobic) micropipette tip. GL Sciences SDB (styrene divinylbenzene) and GC (graphite carbon) containing micropipette GL-Tips retain more hydrophobic and hydrophilic peptides, respectively, than C18-based tips. The GL-Tip SDB is popular as desalting tip.
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gl tip for peptides   GL-Tip SCX and GL-Tip SDB-SCX
Spin Tips for Peptide Fractionation.