Odour port

olfactory port

parts for PHASER

2702-18655   PHASER Transfer Line 65cm
2702-18656 PHASER Transfer Line 100cm
2702-18540 Transfer Line Fixture for 15mm O.D., with fixing bolt
2702-18505 Glass Nose ConeType R Pyrex nose cone R type for gc-olfactometry
2702-18506 Glass Nose Cone Type Y nose cone Y type for gc-olfactometry
2702-18550 Flexible arm stand
2702-18530 Bobbling Bottle with filter
3004-50001 Silcosteel Tubing 0.79mm O.D. x 0.53mm I.D., 7.5M
1010-36132 Fused Silica Capillary Tubing 0.150mm I.D. x 0.375mm O.D., 10M
1010-36222 Fused Silica Capillary Tubing 0.200mm I.D. x 0.350mm O.D., 10M
1010-36322 Fused Silica Capillary Tubing 0.250mm I.D. x 0.350mm O.D., 10M
1010-36452 Fused Silica Capillary Tubing 0.320mm I.D. x 0.450mm O.D., 10M
1010-36682 Fused Silica Capillary Tubing 0.530mm I.D. x 0.660mm O.D., 10M
2702-18551 PHASER mounting plate HP 6890/7890
2702-18554 PHASER mounting plate Thermo Trace GC
2702-18552 PHASER mounting plate Shimadzu GC-2010
2702-18553 PHASER mounting plate Shimadzu GC-17A mounting plate
2702-18560 Spare Fuse 250 V T 3 A, 5.2 x 20 mm, pack of 1 pcs
2702-18561 Spare Fuse 250 V T 5 A, 5.2 x 20 mm, pack of 2 pcs
3004-32231 PFA Tubing 3.18 mm O.D. x 1.58 mm I.D., 10 m
G200018 Air Needle Valve for PHASER
SGE123705 SilFlow FingerTite Ferrule for 1.07 mm O.D. SS Tubing, pk/1
SGE123706 SilFlow FingerTite Ferrule 0.4 mm I.D. pk/10
SGE123707 SilFlow FingerTite Ferrule 0.5 mm I.D. pk/10
SGE123709 SilFlow FingerTite Ferrule 0.7 mm I.D. pk/10
SGE123713 SilFlow FingerTite Ferrule 0.35 mm I.D. pk/10
SGE123742 SilFlow FingerTite Ferrule 0.8 mm I.D. pk/10
SGE123755 SilFlow Sleeved SS Cap Tubing, pk/1
SGE123704 SilFlow Nuts 0.36 - 1.07 mm O.D. pk/10
SGE123717 SilFlow FingerTite Tool, pk/1
SGE123733 SilFlow 4 Port Splitter GC MCD (1.1)
SGE123730 SilFlow 4 Port Splitter GC Kit (1.1)