Odour port for GC or GC-MS-Ofactometry

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Power Point GC-O


GC-O our PHASER, Olfactory Detection Port for GC or GC-MS (odour port).

GC-Olfactory Port The human nose is an incredible detector for aroma/mal-odour components. Gas Chromatography Olfactometry (GC-O) is a bioassay that measures human response to odorants separated by gas chromatography. The superior sensitivity and selectivity of human olfaction make GC-O a powerful and meaningful tool for flavour chemistry. Head-space sampling, distillation, solvent extraction, solid phase micro extraction (SPME) and our DMI are typical procedures used to introduce samples in a GC-O. Besides providing data about the potency of odorants extracted and separated for samples, GC-O can also be used to study variation in human olfaction or provide testing and training of panellists used in sensory testing. At its best, GC-O, provides industry with a link between chemical data collected from ingredients or products and the sensory and consumer preference data collected from the market place. At the very least GC-O data derived from a product can be used for quality control or the development of value added products.

The PHASER GC-O or GC Olfactometry

GC Olfactory l Our sniffer is standard supplied with the SplitManager software and a set of capillaries. With the SplitManager the installation of our sniffer becomes really easy.
GC-O sniffer Olfactory 2 Our sniffer installed on Shimadzu 2010 GC with 100cm transfer line.
GC-O cross l A 4 port SilFlow microchannel device is used to ensure a reliable split flow between the GC detector and the nose cone.
The PHASER is standard supplied with all capillaries, 4 port microchannel connector, nuts and ferrules and SplitManager software in order to make the installation. Only a GC mounting plate kit is needed.

The following versions are available:
G300021 PHASER-L Sniffing Port with SilFlow Splitter, 1000 mm TL
G300023 PHASER-L Sniffing Port with SilFlow Splitter, 1000 mm TL and Voice software

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