PAL Systems and Parts

PAL Systems

GL Sciences is already a CTC Analytics distributor for more than 15 years. We supply both LC and GC versions of the PAL systems with or without custom made solutions.
GL Sciences produces its own accessories for the PAL and we can also help you with 3e party accessories that are made to work on the PAL system.

For full information please consult the CTC Analytics website.

pal system combipal

Next to the CTC Analytics options there are the 3e party options that we can supply like:

Parts for PAL and PAL-xt Systems
You can find a list with parts below.
PAL parts GC version
PAL parts LC version

Please check our webshop for more detail.

Parts for PAL3 Systems
PAL3 Syringes and Cosumables
Our webshop with PAL3 syringes

Please contact us for missing parts or any other question related to PAL.