OPTIC-Air-Analyser for very low Concentrations of VOCs in Indoor and Ambient Air

Together with ChromaVision the OPTIC-Air-Analyser has been developed for the automated, in situ, determination of airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs) using programmed temperature vaporisation injection from a sorbent tube trap. A sorbent tube placed as an injection port liner can be repeatedly used to collect samples of air, with the trapped analytes being subsequently desorbed onto a capillary gas chromatography (GC) column without the use of intermediate cryogenic refocusing. The system does not need any liquid nitrogen or CO 2 , there is no need for adsorption/desorption tubes.

Strong points

  • On-line solution (Online Thermal Desorption GCMS)
  • Can automatically analyse up to 8 sample bags or Canisters
  • Compatible with any GC-MS instrument
  • No LN2 or CO2 needed

gc-ms air analyser
TIC chromatogram (scan) of a 63 compound mixture at 25 µg/m3. (Propane to Undecane)

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GC-MS Air Analyser for the Determination of very low Concentrations of VOCs in Indoor and Ambient Air, Approaching method TO-17

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on-line thermal desorption

Key Words

GC-MS, VOC, Air Quality , Air Analysis, Breath Analysis, Volatiles in Air, Ambient Air, Indoor Air, Airborne compounds, Volatile Organic Compounds.