OPTIC Multimode Inlet



OPTIC-4 Accessoiries

Peltier Cooler for OPTIC

When injections below room temperature are needed the OPTIC-Cooler is an option to do this.
microvial Micro-vial and liner block

This block can hold up to 10 liners and micro vials for DMI sample preparation.
Only avaialble for liner with ⌀ 5mm. More information...
Part Number:   2406-2290   Microvial and liner block


backflush tee With automated liner exchange, it is necessary to open the injector head before the liner is transferred from, or to the injector. When the injector- head is open, air and water can flow into the system. This can be harmful to the GC-column and MS. Therefore a back flush of the injector is necessary. To avoid practical problems, we developed a new tool, the T-joint, an practical solution for the use of back flush in GC.

The only difference between normal installation and using the T-joint for back flush is that the column goes through the T-joint to the injector. The original flow path is exactly the same as normal without back-flush. After installation the back-flush is then introduced from the bottom of the injector.
Part Number: 2406-4162 Tee Joint for Inlet Backflush

OPTIC-4 Auxiliary EPC Channel
This channel can be used to upgrade your OPTIC-4. The auxiliary channel can be used for backflush. Easy to install yourself.
Part Number: 2406-4174 OPTIC-4 Auxiliary EPC Channel

Merlin MicroSeal Merlin Microseal
The Merlin Microseal is a long-life replacement for the standard septum used in Gas Chromatography. High pressure capability and resistance to wear make it the most unique septum on the market today. The Microseal fits standard in the OPTIC-4 inlet without modification.
Part Number:   410    High-Pressure Merlin Microseal
Part Number:   1100   Microseal for 1.1 mm SPME Arrow probes
Part Number:   1500   Microseal for 1.5 mm SPME Arrow probes

How the Merlin Microseal Works

OPTIC-4 Top Boss Assembly for PAL SPME-Arrow
This top assembly is needed for PAL SPME-Arrow. The Arrow needle has a bigger O.D. and for this reason a different Top Boss Assembly is needed.
Part Number: 2406-4185 OPTIC-4 Top Boss Assembly, Arrow, Standard Type
Part Number: 2406-4186 OPTIC-4 Top Boss Assembly, Arrow, Shimadzu Type
Please take care, this Top Boss is for a standard inlet, not for LINEX.

Also available is a special Arrow liner.
OPTIC on-column tool kit
The OPTIC inlet can also be used for on-column injections. GL Sciences has designed a tool that enables true on-column injection using OPTIC inlet without an on-column liner. The on-column tool is very easy to install without any press fit connection. The syringe needle (gauge 26) goes really into the retention gap where the injection takes place.

2406-4164 OPTIC on-column tool kit    It includes:
Deactivated F. S. Capillary Tube 10m 0.530I.D. x 0.660O.D.
10 ul Syringe, Cone Tip for PAL, gauge 26s
OPTIC Graphite Ferrule for 0.53 mm ID Column, pk/10
OPTIC Non-stick O-ring Viton, plasma treated, pk/10
Inlet Bottom Nut, pk/1
OPTIC On-Column Tool
SilTite Micro Union 0.1-0.25 mm ID to 0.53 mm ID Columns

microvial OPTIC-4 Top Boss Assembly - plug type septa
This top assembly can be used when a plug type septa is used. (Compatible with all OPTIC-4 units)
Part Number: 2406-4007 OPTIC-4 Top Boss Assembly - plug type septa
Part Number: 3007-16106 Ultra Low Bleed Shimadzu Septum ULB-S-S, pk/25
Part Number: 3007-16107 Ultra Low Bleed Shimadzu Septum ULB-S-S, pk/50

OPTIC Peltier Cooler
With the OPTIC Cooler it is now possible to cool the OPTIC inlet till 7°C with just dry Air or Nitrogen.
Part Number: 2406-4180 OPTIC Peltier Inlet Cooler Kit

OPTIC Inlet Cooling Kit, Direct LN2
This kit can be used when inlet cooling with LN2 is wanted.
Part Number: 2406-4159 OPTIC-4 OPTIC-4 Inlet Cooling Kit, Direct LN2

OPTIC Inlet Cooling Kit, Direct CO2
This kit can be used when inlet cooling with CO2 is wanted.
Part Number: 2406-4160 OPTIC-4 Inlet Cooling Kit, Direct CO2

td tool Thermal Desorption calibration curve creation tool

This Thermal Desorption Sample Loader tool can be used to load sample or standards onto a thermal desorption tube.
It is compatible with standard OPTIC liners and 1/4 inch TD tubes with different lengths.

Part Number: 2406-6021 Thermal Desorption calibration curve creation tool

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