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August 2023
New InertCap 1HT High Temperature GC Capillary Column (USP G2)

InertCap 1HT is a non-polar high-temperature column bonded 100% dimethlypolysiloxane. Compounds elute in order of increasing boiling point. InertCap 1HT is specially processed for operation up to 400 °C with a high temperature polyimide coated fused silica tubing.

InertCap 1HT, a non-polar high-temperature GC Capillary Column bonded with 100% dimethylpolysiloxane and specially processed with polyamide coated fused silica tubing allows compounds to elute in order of increasing boiling point and operations up to 400 °C temperature backed by risk free guarantee and made in Japan reliable and top performance.
April 2023
New HPLC - LC/MS column: InertSustain C30
new pomp for flow chemistry
A single unit controlling high accuracy flow in multiple flow paths.
A new concept in multi-purpose pumps from FLOM. This smart pump can either dispense up to 5 separate channels, or continuously dispense just 1 channel, all in one device.
More information..

Apache Log4j2 vulnerability:
The OPTIC and PAL software do not make use Apache Log4J2 and we can therefore confirm that neither desktop applications nor firmware or any of our SDKs are affected by this vulnerability.
New Detector:
New Electrochemical Detector for HPLC.
New solution:
PFAS Analysis in Water

mixed mode lc column April 2021.
New HPLC Column: InertSustain AX-C18

InertSustain AX-C18 is a reverse phase mixed mode column with an octadecyl group and an alkylamine group. InertSustain AX-C18 can also retain polar acidic components that are generally not retained without the use of ion pair reagents. Furthermore, by setting the ion exchange capacity weaker, it is designed so that even the buffer mobile phase used in LC / MS can be sufficiently eluted. In addition, it has excellent lot to lot reproducibility, which tends to be a problem with columns
pyrolysis gcms March 2021.
Release of a new OPTIC-4 version; The OPTIC-4 Pyro

This version of the OPTIC-4 has a maximum temperature of 700°C
More information is in the brochure.

LC under PAL3
Small LC pump hanging under a PAL3 System.

This small LC pump from FLOM (part of GL Sciences) can be mounted on the X-rail of a PAL3 System. We can supply you both with PAL3 or FLOM LC pump. For more information please contact us.

td gcms

New manual GC thermal desorber to product page

Space-saving design
In-house patented technology achieves a fast heating rate
Compatible with each company’s GC equipment
Easy touch panel operation without a PC
Equipped with a wizard function to navigate the operating procedure
Equipped with electronic flow control (EPFC)
Sample tube/liner = 1/4inch versions = OD 6.35 x L 89 mm

Training course GC Injection Techniques

training large volume injection techniques Together with ChromaVision we offer different kind of GC injection techniques training sessions. We offer both at your place or in the lab from GL Sciences. Please contact us for more information.

peristaltic or roller pump

Roller Pump WP-21

New peristaltic or roller pump from FLOM

- Space-saving compact design
- Choose tubing to match your solvent
- Tube cassette can be set in any of 4 directions
- Great for plunger pump cleaning

piston flush rolers for soller pump
Product name Roller Pump
Part number WP-21
Flow rate range 4 step settings (approx. 0.5 - 1.0 - 2.0 - 3.0 ml/min)
Switching 4 steps from front switch (rotary style)
Features hold down front switch to purge ( approx. 5 mL/min )
Flow accuracy ± 5 % (Pharmed BPT)
Output pressure 90 kpa or less (Pharmed BPT)
Intake pressure -90 kpa or less (Pharmed BPT)
Temperature range 5 - 50°C
Rotary direction Clockwise when viewed from front
External I/O Input : OFF/ ON switch (powering on begins pumping)
Output :Error Signal
Tubing Pharmed BPT / Fluran F-5500-A / TransMaster TM-15
Dimensions 65 (H) x 46 (W) x 110 (D) mm, excluding protuberances
Weight Approx. 0.5 kg
Power AC100 - 240 V(50 / 60 Hz) MAX 15 W

gl sciences new building 2020

New building for GL Sciences in The Netherlands (February 2020)

GL Sciences in The Netherlands has moved to a bigger building in order to keep a good support to their customers. The new facility makes it possible to have a bigger stock and a new lab for application support and trainings/demonstrations to customers.

The new address is Dillenburgstraat 7C, 5652 AM Eindhoven.