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MonoCap HILIC-UP HighResolution 2000

monolith hilic MonoCap HILIC-UP is an important addition to the MonoCap C18 HighResolution 2000 column series.

Optimized for Identification of Peptides/Proteins for Proteome Research

MonoCap HILIC-UP can retain highly hydrophilic peptides/proteins which may lead to discovering new peptides/proteins where a C18 phase couldn’t identify.

monocap hilic
Silica : High Purity Monolithic Silica Gel
Through-pore Size : 2 µm
Mesopore Size : 12 nm
Bonded Phase : Ureidopropyl Groups
End-capping : None
Internal Diameter : 0.1 mm I.D.
Length : 2000 mm
Recommended Flow Rate Ranges : 0.3 µL/min ~ 1 µL/min
Maximum Operating Pressure : 35 MPa, 300 Bar
Remarks : For identification of highly hydrohophilic peptides/proteins

I.D. (mm) Lenght (mm) Cat.No.
0.1 2000 5020-10019