LINEX LINer EXchanger

Automated Pyrolysis Solution with OPTIC and LINEX

Gas Chromatography Pyrolysis can be done inside the OPTIC-4 injector liner for both liquid and solid samples.

Pyrolysis of Liquid sample:

The sample is injected into the inlet with any autosampler or in manual mode. The liquid sample is introduced while the inlet is cold, after the injection the solvent is blown away and the OPTIC-4 is heated with a very fast ramp rate to the Pyrolysis temperature.

Pyrolysis of Solid sample:

The sample is placed into the liner or microvial and the liner is placed into the injector. After this the OPTIC-4 injector is heated to the pyrolysis temperature. Changing the liners is done with the LINEX to automate the Pyrolysis.

Different modes are possible e.g. LVI-Pryrolysis, Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA).


The OPTIC pyrolysis solution has several modes:

Single Shot
With this method or mode the sample is heated after introduction with a fast speed to the pyrolysis temperature. Only one temperature step is used.

Multistep programmed pyrolysis
Analytical runs may be programmed for up to nine temperature steps per sample.

Sample Cup or Micro Vial
A small glass sample cup is available to introduce a sold or liquid sample.

Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA)
the sample is dropped into the furnace which is at a relatively low temperature (ca. 40-100°C). The furnace is then programmed to a much higher temperature (ca. 600°C). Compounds "evolve" from the sample as the temperature increases. A plot of detector response versus furnace temperature is obtained.

Thermal Desorption (TD)
Thermal desorption is simply a technique for analyzing the constituents evolving from the sample over a given temperature range.

Reactive Pyrolysis
Thermally assisted Hydrolysis and Methylation (THM) can easily be done under Helium conditions.

LVI Pyrolysis
With Large Volume Injection Pyrolysis a special sintered glass liner is needed. The sample is injected, solvent is vented and the inlet is heated with maximum ramp rate. This simple method is very helpful for pyrolysis.

Option-produces sharper peaks for early eluting compounds. A cryotrap mounted in the GC oven cools the first part of the column for refocusing of the compounds. (device is cooled by LN2 or CO2)

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