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parts for LINEX

Parts compatible with PAL2 & PAL3.
2411-4107 CDC Liner Cap Assembly (pack of 50)
2414-1011 TD Fritted Tapered Liner, frit on 20 mm. Pack size: 5
td liner
2414-1013 LINEX DMI Tapered Liner (for micro vial). Pack size: 5
dmi liner
2414-1015 Glass Needle Guide DMI Tapered Liner. (pack of 5)
2406-1010 OPTIC DMI Sample Insert 30µl, (pack of 100)
micro vial
2406-1020 OPTIC DMI Sample Insert 60µl, (pack of 100)
micro vial 60
3007-11605 High Resistance Silicon Liner O-ring, (replaced by 2406-1018)
2406-1018 OPTIC non-stick O-ring Viton®, plasma treated, pk/10
2406-2390 Micro-vial and liner block
2411-2046 Fitting 1/16” OD tubing, 10-32 thread, pk/1
2411-2120 LINEX liner return spring (in the LINEX head)

Parts compatible with PAL2 only.
L100015 Liquid syringe 10µl for CombiPAL, needle length 70 mm
2411-4007 LINEX PEEK Tubing Kit
2411-4016 LINEX PEEK Tubing Kit - long
2411-4006 LINEX Red/Blue Tubing Kit for Head
2411-4015 LINEX Red/Blue Tubing Kit for Head - long
2411-4005 LINEX Red/Blue Tubing Kit for Gripper
2411-4014 LINEX Red/Blue Tubing Kit for Gripper - long
2411-2026 LINEX 98-position Tray, Plastic
2411-2500 CDCS 98-position Tray for Capped Liners, Plastic
2411-4020 Tray Holder for LINEX/CDC 98-position Tray

Parts compatible with PAL3 only.

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