LINEX LINer EXchanger

About LINEX, Automatic LINer EXchanger

Automatically changing liners is a technique that was introduced by GL Sciences into the analytical market in the year 2001. The LINEX is our second generation liner exchanger based on the CTC PAL systems. The LINEX is an option of the OPTIC Multi Mode Inlet system. LINEX can both work on PAL3 and PAL3 series II.

Why automatically changing liners
LINEX can be used for Direct (in-injector) Thermal Desorbtion (DTD). In the automated mode liners are transported between tray and inlet by the CTC PAL injection systems equipped with a gripper. Any of the standard OPTIC liners can be handled by LINEX.

With LINEX, the multi-sample analysis sequence works in a simple way: head of the injector is opened and a liner containing sample is introduced. The head is closed and the liner is purged with carrier gas. Next, the injector is heated and the sample is transferred onto the column. At the end of the analysis the empty liner is moved back to the tray and the cycle is repeated.

LINEX can be used for the sample introduction of both solid and liquid samples. Also sample tubes filled with Tenax can be used for thermal desorption techniques. There is also a possibility to apply the approach for the analysis of samples with a difficult matrix using the so-called DMI technique. With DMI a minimum sample preparation is required.
  • Normal liquid injection without different configuration
  • No transport adopter, just normal liners/sample tubes
  • Little if any sample preparation is required
  • Automated with a PAL System
  • Selective desorption of components without pyrolyzing of the matrix
  • Low consumable costs
  • For any type GC system
  • Uses standard OPTIC liners
  • Normal septum purge (no septum bleeding and carry over)
  • Uses standard 11mm septa and is compatible with the Merlin Microseal
  • Tray capacity on PAL3 54 and 40 for capped liners. Multiple Trays can be used.

Or view on YouTube.

Or view on YouTube.

Available versions:
For PAL 3:
2411-3014 LINEX-2 Liner Exchanger for OPTIC-4 and PAL3 (80 and 120 cm PAL)
                    comes with 54 position tray
2411-3012 LINEX-2 Capping-Decapping Station, PAL3 version
                    comes with 40 position tray
2411-3019 LINEX-2 3.5 ✗ 1/4 inch Liner Exchanger for OPTIC-4, PAL3 version (80 and 120 cm PAL)
                    comes with 54 position tray
2411-3020 LINEX-2 3.5 ✗ 1/4 inch Liner Capping-Decapping Station, PAL3 version
                    comes with 40 position tray

For older PAL systems please contact us.
Information about syringes for the LINEX tool go here.

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