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LD239 gas leak detector

helium leak detector
An electronic leak detector is indispensable for finding small leaks around fittings or hot inlets on which a liquid cannot be used. Leak check solutions may contain material that can leak into the gas-supply lines or columns and cause ghost peaks or other contamination.
The LD239 leak detector uses a small pump to pull air from the probe through a thermal-conductivity cell. The presence of carrier gas or hydrogen changes the thermal conductivity and causes a change in the detector´s readout compared to a reference air flow.

Detection: Thermal conductivity
Target gases: Helium, Hydrogen, CO2, Argon, Neon and other non-corrosive gases.
Sensitivity: Standard range - minimum 0.005 ml/min (He)
High range - minimum 0.0005 ml/min (He)
Response time: ~1.5 sec.
Settings: Sensitivity Range: (Standard/High), Buzzer: ON/OFF, LED Display: ON/OFF LCD Backlight: ON/OFF, Auto power shutdown.
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium ion (up to 5 hours continuous use). Battery is rechargeable through USB port (2.5 hours for a full recharge).
Dimension: 50(W) x 19.5(D) x 111(H) mm
The tube of probe is 50 mm long and has a tip of O.D. 2.0 mm
Weight: Approx. 95 gram
Manufactured by: GL Sciences
RoHS: Compliant

GL Sciences
Model: LD239
Product ID: 2702-19340