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Guard Columns

guard column E Guard columns are installed between the injector and the analytical column of a HPLC system, mainly to protect analytical columns. Guard columns are widely used as a cost effective for prolong HPLC column life. Exchangeable cartridge design and unchangeable packing design are offered.
Exchangeable cartridge design contains holder and cartridge column, and the cartridge columns are disposable, easy -to-use, and you can change the guard column in seconds.
Packed design is packed as same as analytical column, using as a guard column.

Selecting packing material
When selecting the packing material for the guard columns, we recommend to choose the same with analytical columns. However, SILFILTER STD C18 is an monolithic guard column, it can fit different kinds of ODS columns.

Selecting dimensions
Particle size : To not alter the chromatography of the analytical column, the packing of the guard column should be the same as the analytical column. Inner diameter : Choose a guard column with an internal diameter similar to the analytical column internal diameter.

Universal self-adjusting connector - Column Coupler, using for when connect guard columns and analytical column.
pre column coupler pctfe
Pre-column Coupler W (PCTFE)
pre column coupler SUS
Pre-column Coupler SUS
L= 40mm, ID= 0.1mm, ferrules are not fixed.

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