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Pre-Column filter / Pre-Clean ORG

Pre-Clean ORG
pre clean org
Item I.D. Length Recommended flow rate Cat.No.
Pre-clean ORG replacement cartridge 2ea 7.6mm 30mm 1.0~20ml/min 5020-12755
Pre-clean ORG holder and catridge 2ea 706mm 30mm 1.0~20ml/min 5020-12760
Pre-clean ORG holder - - - 5020-12750
Pre-clean ORG semi replacement cartridge 2ea 4.0mm 10mm 0.1~2.0ml/min 5020-12780
Pre-clean ORG semi holder and cartridge 2ea 4.0mm 10mm 0.1~2.0ml/min 5020-12790
Pre-clean ORG semi holder - - - 5020-12770

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