HPLC Accessories

Complete Dual-Fitt kit: Part Number: FLOM-9620 (10 pcs)
For 1/16 inch OD tubing, 10-32UNF.
high pressure column fitting

high presure connection nut dual ferrule
Name: Dual-Fitt SET Dual-Fitting Exchange ferrule
Part nr: FLOM-9620 FLOM-9621 FLOM-9623-10
Material: SUS316, PEEK SUS 316 SUS316, PEEK
Quantity: 10 each 10 pcs 10 pcs

Dual-Fitt UHPLC fitting up to 140 MPa (20000 psi ) with ease of use!

Our Dual-Fitt fittings for very high pressure UHPLC and HPLC applications that require no leaks at pressures at or above 1400 Bar (20000psi).

- Reduces tube rotation
- Ultra-high pressure hexagonal type
- The ferrule does not bite into the tube, so it can be used repeatedly.

peek connection set for hplc columns

PEEK connection kit

Partnumber: 6010-48910
PEEK Tough Nut 10psc; PEEK Tough Plug 5pcs; PEEK Tough Union 3pcs; PEEK Double Ferrule 5pcs; Super PEEK Tough Connector 1pc

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column coupler teflon

column coupler ss

Pre Column Coupler

Description Tubing O.D. Tubing I.D. Max. Operating
Material Connection
Qty. Part Number
Pre-Column Coupler UP 1/16inch 0.18mm 14.7MPa PCTFE, PTFE UP Type 1pc 6010-49200
Pre-Column Coupler UP 1/16inch 0.25mm 14.7MPa PCTFE, PTFE UP Type 1pc 6010-49201
Pre-Column Coupler UP 1/16inch 0.50mm 14.7MPa PCTFE, PTFE UP Type 1pc 6010-49202
Pre-Column Coupler W 1/16inch 0.25mm 14.7MPa PCTFE Waters Type 1pc 6010-49251
Pre-Column Coupler W 1/16inch 0.50mm 14.7MPa PCTFE Waters Type 1pc 6010-49211
Pre-Column Coupler SUS 1/16inch 0.1mm 80MPa Stainless Steel Ferrule not fixed 1pc 6010-49210
Pre-Column Coupler SUS 1/16inch 0.25mm 80MPa Stainless Steel Ferrule not fixed 1pc 6010-49250