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Inertsphere Sugar-2 / Anion-exchange column for Sugar analysis

InertSpherer Sugar-2 is a column for analysis sugar, it packed with Ca2+ loaded resin. The column mainly is used for SEC (Size Exclusion Chromatography) mode, the elution order is from big molecular weight to small. At the same time, the ligand exchange mode employs ion interaction between metal ions and hydroxyl groups form a complex with the counter ion. Especially this mode is effective for analysis sugar-alcohol. 100% water can be used as eluent, there is no need to prepare mix solvent.

Application note Analysis of Sugars
Application note about Analysis of D-Mannitol

Type: Particle Size: Length I.D. Cat.No.
Analytical Column 9µm 300 mm 7.8 mm 5020-11000
Guard Column 9µm 50 mm 6.0 mm 5020-10999

Silica Functional Group Counter Ion Cross Linkage USP Code
9 µm Styrene Divinylbenzene
Sulfo Ca2+ 8% L19