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GC Columns

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InertCap; Gas Chromatography Capillary Columns

gc columns GL Sciences GC Columns are designed and manufactured in Japan and offer the lowest bleed levels, the best inertness for acids/bases/mixed functional compounds, and the tightest column-to-column reproducibility.

Why InertCap GC Columns

Available types: 1MS, 1, 5MS/Sil, 5MS/NP, 5, Pesticides, 624, 1301, 25, 35, 1701, 17MS, 17, 210, 225, Pure-WAX, WAX, WAX-HT, FFAP and fast GC Columns.

Special Columns: Amines, CHIRAMIX, AQUATIC InertCap AQUATIC-2, InertCap Pesticides

Other Columns: Tailor made columns. Columns with build-in Guard Column or Transfer Line and also both.

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Please contact us for column dimentions not mentioned in the catalog.
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