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InertCap AQUATIC capillary column

inertcap wax gc column structure

InertCap AQUATIC is a medium polar column incorporating 25% diphenyl and 75% dimethylpolysiloxane. It is especially designed for the analyses of volatile organic compounds in water. As the column polarity is optimized, InertCap AQUATIC offers a high-level separation. Analysis data of 33 compounds is attached to every column and each column is guaranteed for its performance and reproducibility. InertCap AQUATIC is optimal for VOC simultaneous analyses by Purge and Trap.

     Volatile compounds in water

g aquatic column

ID (mm) Length (m) Thickness (µm) Max. Temp.(°C) Part.No.
0.25 60 1.00 iso.200-prog.220 1010-29165
0.32 60 1.40 1010-29266
0.53 75 2.00 1010-29477
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