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InertCap AQUATIC-2 capillary column

inertcap wax gc column structure

InertCap AQUATIC-2 endures high temperature up to 260°C. The separation pattern is almost same as that of InertCap AQUATIC, though there are some differences between their selectivity for certain compounds.


g aquatic-2 column

InertCap AQUATIC-2
ID (mm) Length (m) Thickness (µm) Max. Temp.(°C) Part.No.
0.25 30 1.40 iso.260-prog.260 1010-19146
60 1010-19166
0.32 30 1.80 1010-19247
60 1010-19267
0.53 30 3.00 1010-19448
75 1010-19478
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