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InertCap 225 capillary column

inertcap 225 gc column structure

InertCap 225 is a medium polar column incorporating 50% cyanopropylmethyl and 50% phenylmethylpolysiloxane. Cyano group contained in the liquid phase has a triple bond so it retains compounds with the high degree of unsaturation strongly by dipole interactions. Therefore InertCap 225 is useful for separating geometrical isomers in FAME analyses.

     FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester)

inertcap 225 chromatogram

InertCap 225
ID (mm) Length (m) Thickness (µm) Max. Temp.(°C) Part.No.
0.25 30 0.25 iso.220-prog.240 1010-66642
0.32 1010-66742
0.53 0.50 1010-66844
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