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InertCap 17MS capillary column

inertcap 17MS gc column structure

InertCap 17MS, designed for GC/MS, is a medium polar column incorporating 50% diphenyl and 50% dimethylpolysiloxane. InertCap 17MS realizes the world’s highest inertness and lowest bleeding and is optimal for microanalyses such as hydrocarbons and pesticides analyses.

     Aromatic hydrocarbons

inertcap 17MS chromatogram

InertCap 17MS
ID (mm) Length (m) Thickness (µm) Max. Temp.(°C) Part.No.
0.25 15 0.25 iso.320-prog.340 1010-20122
30 1010-20142
60 1010-20162
0.32 15 0.25 iso.320-prog.340 1010-20222
30 1010-20242
60 1010-20262
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