Valves for HPLC

LC Valves from FLOM, made in Japan

Valves for HPLC and UHPLC

Flom (part of GL Sciences), as a developer, manufacturer, and seller of HPLC and UHPLC components, of course also supplies a variety of valves and injectors. Besides offering our full line of regular products based on our long experience in this market, we also stand ready to help with requests for specialized designs.

We are continually strengthening our product line, working hard on reducing size to produce more compact designs that are highly solvent-resistant, pressure-resistant, and high performance.

We have a very big selection of valves, electric, pneumatic and different materials and OEM.

hplc valve in housing Automatic Switching Valves Valve Unit VA-21 Series
or general, high speed, and fraction analyses, choose the flow paths you need to cover a wide variety of applications
- Pick the valve type that fits your application
- Featuring high flow and non-metallic types
- Long valve life based on FLOM technology

UHPLC Valve Manual Ultra High Pressure Injectors, UHPLC Micro Injector MI-11

- Ultra high-pressure spec allows sample injection into high pressure fluid pathways
- Ultra high precision minimizes sample loss
- Includes output injection marker signal
- Maxiumum pressure 100 MPa (14,500 psi)
- Tube OD 1/16 inch

Manual Valve Series
uhplc injection valve
Air Valve 415 Series
Compact Manual Valve V Series

OEM versions:
Automatic Valve VA-11A Series for OEM Systems / Compact Auto Valve VA-12A Series
High Speed Auto Valve VF-01/VF-02 Series for OEM Systems
oem valve

Read the LC brochure for more information.