degassers for hplc

PowerPoint UI-22

Pumps for HPLC and UHPLC

Flom (part of GL Sciences), is a manufacturer of HPLC and UHPLC components. Choose from a wide range of pumps, from high performance types with automatic control of flow rates, to simple pumps at an affordable price.

Linear drive type pump Intelligent pump UI-22 linear drive hplc pump Pulse Control Intelligent Pump AI Series
pulse control pumps for hplc Intelligent self-regulating Pump AI-12 Series

Medium to High Pressure Dual Pump KP Series
cheap dual pumps for hplc Dual Pump KP-22 Series Dual Pump KP-21 Series (low cost)

Medium to High Pressure Single Pump SP Series
Developed using our intelligent pump technology, but aiming for high performance at a low price.
small single pump HPLC pump Single Plunger Pump SP-22 Series Single Plunger Pump SP-21 Series

Preparative LC Pumps HI-12-33 and HP-12-33
preparative lc pumps

Read the LC brochure for more information.