HandyTD Manual thermal desorption for Gas Chromatography

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HandyTD is an easy thermal desorption device for manual thermal desorption. The instrument has its own gas control, so there is no need to cut carrier lines from an existing gas chromatograph (GC). HandyTD has a needle that is inserted into the inlet of the host GC and a gas frow from the HandyTD will push the sample to the GC inlet. The colour display will guide the user to the operating steps. The size of the tubes used in the HandyTD are ¼ x 3½ inch, this is the size of the standard available thermal desorption tubes.

Strong points

  • Space-saving design
  • In-house patented technology achieves a fast heating rate
  • Compatible with any GC instrument
  • Easy touch panel operation without PC
  • Wizard function to navigate trough the operating procedure
  • Sample is direct injected into the GC
  • Equipped with electronic flow control (EPFC)
  • Tube / liner size is industry standard TD tube: 1/4 inch version (OD= ¼ x 3½ inch = 6.35 x 88.9 mm)

Publications with HandyTD:

Elucidation of Biochemical Pathways Underlying VOCs Production in A549 Cells
Sampling, identification and sensory evaluation of odors of a newborn baby’s head and amniotic fluid

Partnumber: 2702-30001 Manual Thermal Desorber, HandyTD

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