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InertCap special columns for GCxGC / Multidimensional GC columns

Multidimensional gas chromatography is now an established technique for the analysis of complex samples. The technique uses GC columns connected in series to achieve a complete separation of complex samples using orthogonal column chemistries. These separations are either impossible or very time consuming using a one-dimensional technique (that is, using only one GC column).
Second-dimension columns must achieve much faster separation than their first-dimension therefore, they tend to be short and or have many times a smaller internal diameter. The length of the first column might typically be 20-30 m, the inner diameter 0.25 mm, and the film thickness 0.25 µm. The second column is typically shorter (about 2 meter), the inner diameter is narrower and the stationary phase is thinner (0.1 µm), to allow for faster separations. It is common to select a nonpolar column for the first-dimension separation and use a more highly polar phase in the second dimension.

GL sciences offer all kind of columns for multidimensional including specials with no stationary phase in the first and last part of the second column.
(example:InertCap-17MS 0.1mm x 2meter df=0.05 µm and 2 meter without phase in front and back)

gc x gc column, empty-phase-empty

GL Sciences is able to make GC x GC columns out of one piece as the picture below. The column is really made out of one piece and has 2 different phases with an empty part in between for the modulator part. Let us know how you want the column and we can make one.

Please contact us and let us know what you want.