Accessories for GC and GC-MS

Ferrule removal tool

ferrule removal tool
Remove the ferrule out of the nut in an easy way.
Can be used with most common nuts and ferrules.
The O.D. of the pushing pin is 1 mm. Cannot be used with the OPTIC metal ferrules (only for graphite).

Part Number: 3001-12745   ferrule removal tool
column cutter

Shortix® Capillary GC Column Cutter

- Clean, square cuts with a diamond blade.
- Built-in magnifier to verify square cut.
- Use with 0.25mm ID to 0.53mm ID tubing (0.78mm OD maximum).

Part number: 3001-31020 Shortix Column Cutter          brochure
ceramic gc column cutter

Ceramic Capillary GC Column Cutter

Part number: 1010-41100 Ceramic Tube Cutter (set of 4)

Ferrule sets

ferrule tool Part number: 3001-12740   Ferrule Removal kit
Kit has two tools; one for removing 0.4mm adaptor ferrules and one for 0.8mm

ferrule drill set

Part number: 3001-24625 pin vice drill set

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