Exosome Purification

Exosome isolation and cleanup

Exosome Purification

Recent studies have reported significant roles of extracellular vesicle ‘Exosome’ in development and progression of various diseases including cancer metastasis. Therefore exosomes are considered as attractive targets for biomarkers and drug development. However, it remains difficult to isolate high-purity exosomes from biological fluids such as serum. exosome isolation
EVSecond is a size exclusion chromatography open column optimized for effective purification of exosomes. Highly-purified exosomes can be easily collected from serum, plasma, or cell culture supernatant.
EVSecond L70 is a better version of product which the purification can be done at room temperature.

exosome no centrifugation No need for ultracentrifuge etc, easy operation with only gravity.
purified exosome EVSecond-purified exosomes possess efficient purity for comprehensive miRNA, proteome, and metabolome analysis.
EV-isolation Exosomes are gently eluted in PBS without structural damage, allowing re-administration experiments of collected exosomes to cells or animals.
exosome room temperature EVSecond L70 can used at room temperature and the preparation of column is now much easier.

(EVSecond: Extracellular Vesicle Isolation by Size Exclusion Chromatography on Drip Column)

Operation Flow:
exosome purification

Part Number Description
5010-21395 EVSecond L70 (10/pk) [Refrigerated]
5010-21390 EVSecond (10/pk) [Refrigerated]
5010-21392 EVSecond (25/pk) [Refrigerated]
5010-50450 GL-SPE EXO Fraction Rack