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Background of GL Sciences B.V.

GL Sciences B.V. is based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Founded in 1990 and started their business under the name ATAS GL. Originally a Dutch company, ATAS GL was acquired in 2001 by the Japanese GL Sciences Inc. And in April 2014 the name is changed to GL Sciences B.V.. We are specialized in development and manufacturing of high performance analytical instrumentation for gas chromatography systems. Next to this we work as European office for GL Sciences Inc. from Japan.


GL Sciences B.V. sells its products mainly in Europe, the United States, Australia and Japan. The products are developed for use primarily by advanced analysts from the chemical, petrochemical, environmental, food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The instruments and consumables are sold through the OEM channels as well as through a selected net of independent distributors around the world. In the Benelux market, GL Sciences B.V. sells its products directly to the end-users distributing also instruments and consumables produced by others.

GL Sciences B.V. key customers include multinational companies like Shell, Sabic, BP, Unilever, Akzo Nobel, DSM as well as Universities and commercial laboratories.

Key products

While the analytical instrument market is very diverse, GL Sciences B.V. focuses only on a very specific part of it - sample preparation and sample introduction systems for gas chromatography.

Internal R&D is a vital component in product development and GL Sciences B.V. can rightly be considered as a trendsetter in its field; several of its innovative ideas have already been copied by others, a number of technical solutions pioneered the analytical instrument market. The technology driven culture of the Japanese parent company is evident at GL Sciences B.V., though GL Sciences B.V. as the Dutch company is trying to blend technology and market leadership.

GL Sciences B.V. top product is the OPTIC injection system, an advanced GC injector whose ingenious patented temperature and gas control makes it highly suitable for most GC analyses. The OPTIC comprises the GC sample inlet port, an electronic control unit and control software. It is produced in cooperation with a number of Dutch companies. The last step in the product assembling and testing is done in-house in order to ensure its compliance with the high quality standards.

The OPTIC as the advanced product is distinctive in many ways, not least in being able to increase the sample injection capacity up to 100 times. Raw samples can also be introduced into the gas chromatography process so that organic solvents do not have to be used. Also, use of faster, direct heating means that components can be transferred more rapidly to the GC column boosting up separation capacity.

In order to widen the application range for OPTIC, GL Sciences B.V. has developed a number of accessories and options for this injection system. One of them is an automatic liner exchanger (LINEX) system. The system is designed to automatically exchange the inlet liners when they are contaminated by not sufficiently clean samples. GL Sciences B.V. was the first company who has introduced this kind of system into the market.

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